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Create impact without breaking the rules!

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You are about to give a presentation, but:

Are you struggling to find attractive images to enhance your story?

Are you uncertain about whether the images you've found can be used legally?

Do you need help figuring out how to add images to your Powerpoint presentation in an appealing way?

Uncover the secrets of gorgeous copyright free images with the online masterclass 'Visual Storytelling'

Image by David Clode

'I just copy and paste images from Google...'

Does this sound familiar?


Many people enhance their presentations by copying and pasting images from Google. However, they may not realize that they could be violating copyright laws.


Is this a problem? Absolutely. Companies are using special software to detect unauthorized use of images, making it more likely that you could be caught.


You don't want to find yourself in this situation, do you?

This masterclass teaches you:

Why images are so powerful

Where and how to find gorgeous copyright free images

How to integrate these images in your Powerpoint presentation

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'Very clear and helpful! Your presentation skills are very good!'

'Thank you for this very useful Masterclass. I would love to hear more tips and tricks on designing slides. Perhaps a few more examples in the future?'

'Very interesting Masterclass!'

'Very practical. I can and will implement the tips and tricks right away. Thanks!'

Why this Masterclass?

Get a comprehensive masterclass complete with practical tips and trics - all in just 45 minutes!

These valuable insights can be immediately applied to enhance your presentation!

Best of all, this course is not only informative but also highly affordable!

'Very practical. I can and will implement the tips and tricks right away.'

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Get access right away!



  • Online (automated)

  • Unlimited access

  • Watch whenever you want

  • 45 minutes

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